Optimize the process for the production of multimedia materials


We have innovated the process for creation and update of all communication materials, both institutional and related to products, managed by the seven companies of the group, through the orchestration of a single workflow integrated with the information system, which automates receival of all pieces of information and manages the company communication material approval flow, in the different formats and contact channels (paper, digital, web, etc.).

Digital Transformation, Process, Industry, multichannel

To significantly increase automation in the process for claims and frauds management on credit cards

Retail Bank

The system supports the operators of the Bank different offices by generating a fully computerized process. The system manages the operational workflow during the entire life cycle of the procedure, from warning to result communication, including also management of the Issuer’s back office and integration with Processor.
The result is a completely computerized and optimized process, which has generated a reduction of answer time and has made monitoring easy, through an accurate reporting system.

Banks, credit cards , fraud management

To modernise the systems supporting strategic processes


The project aims at modernising the AS/400 custom information system, by migration to SOA architecture while completely keeping what already exists, and by automated management of the entire CQS management process (name management, bank transfer reconciliation, resolutions management, Branch CRM).

Efficiency: reduction of manual activities and introduction of the logic of organized and pre-defined processess workflow.
Flexibility: maximum system responsiveness to market changes, hence to the introduction of new functionalities, thanks to a process-oriented development environment.
Control: greater control on processes, concerning both information for managers (Business Intelligence) and mitigation of process risks.

Process, Banks, CQS