EXP|info middleware is the centralized platform for data acquisition and data distribution. It separates source from destination systems, making integration of new sources, or substitution of an integrated source, easy and open.

EXP|info middleware includes all functionalities concerning data distribution, enables integration of any source and supplies all types of information distribution, minimizing data latency in the system.

Transcoding, normalization, aggregation and organization functions make data format homogeneous and independent from sources,

and allow a real-time, integrated and uniform distribution of data coming from different markets, info providers or internal sources.
Furthermore, integration of a new source can be done with no modification to the system, to user interfaces or to linked proprietary applications.

Publication of information can be done through various ways, which meet all requirements:

  • Subscription – to access data market such as market depth (price and orders), prices (last, open, close), statistic, messages, news, in real-time and continuously
    • Queries – to retrieve aggregated data such as master data, historical prices, all market depths
    • Statistic intraday information – min, max, vwap, volume, open, close
    • Publication – to feed the system with data diffused by proprietary applications

The solution supplies also query functions and predefined or programmable reports, and allows users to perform historical analysis fully compliant with norms


EXP|info admin console is the main tool to monitor diffusion of information flows.

It allows users to continuously monitor flows usage, thus ensuring an efficient and convenient use of information flows and data,

and an efficient management of relationships with service providers.


EXP|info DTL (Derivative Transcoding Layer) is the solution which centralizes the function performing normalization and transcoding of codes identifying financial instruments, minimizing at most impacts on the existing architecture and future developments.

EXP|info DTL is the access key for all front-end and back-end offices. Its aim is to provide a unique representation of original data.

Its central role makes searching for information and transactions easy, speeds up processing times considerably, and cancels extraction errors, thus allowing users to efficiently replying to surveillance and compliance requests.

Therefore system interfaces functions are simplified, and one-to-one transcoding is eliminated. The resulting homogeneous representation of master data facilitates the creation of one single reference master data.
EXP|info DTL includes the following functions:

  • Data acquisition – it collects pieces of information from different ources by using their proprietary modes
  • Data transcoding-normalization – it converts data from source format to internal format, and organizes them according to a proprietary mode, applicable to all data sources
  • Derivatives dictionary – it sets and increases a dictionary of underlying and derivatives instruments containing information necessary to identify conflicts among different data sources. Inconsistencies are automatically solved, or signalled to enable manual management. In this way the system learns by progressive enhancement of automatism
  • Data distribution – it distributes data flows and enables queries on demand, via web service
  • Management console – user’s functions, which enable precise management of inconsistencies detected and automatically signalled by the system, and master data completion