EXP|front end is the trading workstation which lets you manage orders and negotiation (mouse-trading), by accessing the different trading venues in integrated mode and making available public information coming from multiple markets, in real-time, to manage best-execution:

  • public information concerning prices (bid, ask, last) on instrument/market
  • public information concerning prices (bid, ask, last) on instrument, grouped by market, in best/execution perspective
  • intraday statistical information (min, max, vwap, volume, open, close)
  • orders monitoring
  • trades monitoring
  • daily position monitoring

Through EXP|front end, brokers can make available to institutional customers a remote trading console, with complete and specific functions to:

  • manage care orders, manually or automatically
  • automatically govern market hours and phases, according to customizable criteria
  • manage order types not foreseen by the market (e.g. Stop Loss Order, Take Profit, GTD, Iceberg, …)
  • implement and apply advanced trading strategies (VWAP, TWAP, …)
  • send best execution orders.


EXP|info gets data in real-time from markets, from the most important providers (Reuters, Bloomberg, Interactive Data, …) and from the Bank internal research offices, from which it creates an integrated public information system, in support of inter-markets operations and to rationally feed the internal systems of the Bank.
A single point of work, PC or mobile, allows traders, sales and advisors to look at data coming from the different sources, thus making operations fasters, empowering the service

with an integrated view of all information, and cutting costs due to the presence of more than one terminal, each one dedicated to a single information source.

The system manages the different data types: traded instruments registry data, market depth (prices and orders), prices (last, open, close, …), statistical data, messages, news,transforming data coming from various sources into the internal format, classifying them

according to a proprietary uniform model and guaranteeing a dissemination with performance levels suited to the receiving systems.

To integrate a new source, you simply need to install a specific interface module, allowing the Bank to let the database grow and evolve quickly and in a completely transparent way for end users


EXP|order management is the comprehensive solution to manage the entire lifecycle of orders coming from private and institutional customers.

The system executes in real-time all pre-trade controls, from position control (liquidity and capacity) up to controls explicitly required by the MIFID directive (appropriateness, suitability, interests conflict), that guarantee to private and retail customers transparency and quality of the order collection and trading service, when customers autonomously take their decisions, and of assets and advice service, when customers entrust the management to the Bank.

The system integrates a VAR computation engine, which can work in real-time one single instrument as well as a portfolio.

EXP| order management trades all order types determined by validity, price and type parameters, by processing parameters such as DMA, care, and order types not foreseen by markets (e.g. Stop Loss Order, Take Profit, GTD, Iceberg, …).
In addition, it allows you to implement and apply different strategies for advanced trading
(VWAP, TWAP, % Volume, …).

The system supplies evolved functionalities for post-trade execution management, providing grouping and splitting functions.

It executes computation of fees, costs and taxes and manages confirmation sending, providing customizable templates.
Furthermore, it feeds back-offices in real-time or within the limits of pre-set times.

The system is integrated with all Italian markets, with the most important european trading venues, and can direct orders to Brokers’ systems, both in direct and indirect mode, through proprietary protocols or FIX protocol.

Through the EXP|smart order routing module, it automatically routes the order to the trading venue which guarantees the best execution, by applying static and dynamic policies.


EXP|prop order management is the solution for property instruments trading, which permits unification of operativity of different trading desks and automatic, real-time execution in ex-ante phase of qualitative and quantitative controls, usually postponed, on position keeping systems.

The solution accelerates and qualifies trading activities by allowing you to set limits on the admitted instruments for each portfolio, to ensure coherence with investment objectives, to execute controls concerning portfolio composition, in relation to risks that can be taken, to set limits on tradable counter-values, to ensure compliance with quantitative proxies

assigned to individual portfolios, and to set limits aiming at exercising a precise control on requirements foreseen by risk policies.

Post trading activity is simplified and the whole operating flow is optimized by real-time feeding of back-office and position keeping systems.